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Why are these brands the top ten in the world

2018-03-31 19:12:46

Every watch lover has his favorite brand in his heart, and there are different opinions about who can be ranked in the world's top ten, of course, almost always in the front of Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars and so on. Today, as a seven-year seniority of watch sales, but also watch lovers, according to their own experience, tell you why these brands can become the world's ten watches. Rolex (Rolex) is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, officially registered in 1908 under the name ROLEX. After a century of development, headquartered in Geneva, Rolex has 19 points, in the world's major cities have 24 large-scale services, an annual output of about 450,000 watches, become one of the market share of the very large brand watches, Rolex, with solemn, practical, not flashy style widely loved by successful people. Explorer and Oyster Permanent motion are the brand's enduring series products. Cartier (Cartier) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, founded in 1847. In addition to the jewelry works favored by the royal family, Cartier has also been committed to the development of watches. In 1904, Cartier designed the world's first wrist watch for an aircraft pilot - the CartierSantos watch. Today, Cartier's Ballon Bleu series, Tank series and other watches, together with the SANTOS series, have become widely loved watch works by watch lovers. Founded in 1833 in the Jura Valley of Switzerland, Jaeger LeCoultre is a pivotal brand in the history of watchmaking. He has contributed 1249 self-produced mechanical movements and 413 patents, and is known as the inventor of Swiss fine watchmaking, contributing classic series watches including Reverso and Master Control. Jaeger-lecoulasse watchmakers follow the exquisite traditional craftsmanship, while constantly pursuing technological innovation, and devote a high degree of enthusiasm to every timepiece produced. Kunlun watch (CORUM) Kunlun watch was founded in 1955 in Switzerland, adhere to the traditional idea of breaking through the framework, the creation of outstanding timepieces for the purpose, just a few decades in the watch world to establish a unique position, in the field of watch enthusiasts and collectors, with superb movement manufacturing skills, but also can combine different cultural concepts of Kunlun watch increasingly become a widely favored brand. In recent years, the brand's most prestigious Admiral's Cup series has launched a combination of hollow craft and flying tourbillon technology, making this series with a striking 12-sided dial and a deep history of nautical sports a new step. Another classic work of the brand is the Golden Bridge series, which integrates the unique rectangular movement, linear pendulum and the exclusive patent automatic double winding system and other technologies, showing the perfect integration of the exquisite technology and aesthetic concept of Kunlun watch. Changcheng Redwood, is the world's most cultural and artistic value of the collection of websites, is the most famous Redwood in the game of the entity and Internet brand, collection of literary appreciation, learning exchange, boutique display, trading, group purchase, auction and other services and functions as one. Xianzuo, high-end mahogany products leading brand! Have been innovating, we do not give others than the "price war", than the value: cultural value, artistic value, more is the value of thought, and the value of innovation!