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What if Fadou doesn't eat dog food?

2018-04-02 04:48:21

What if Fadou doesn't eat dog food? Take a look at some of the lessons below


First, improve the dog's diet, give the dog some homemade fruit and vegetable food


Second, if the French fighting dog does not like to eat dog food, then you can add complementary food to the dog food to stimulate its appetite


Three, reduce the snacks to the law, so as not to eat too many snacks do not eat dinner


Four, give the dog to eat some tablets to help the dog stomach digestion look.


5. Prepare enough water for the Dharma bucket. If the water does not drink, send it to the hospital in time.


Six, if the stomach does not disappear, it should be paid attention to, to fast for half a day, after the dog is not, pay attention to regular quantitative feeding, do not feed too much at once


It is recommended that you take it to the hospital to see if you have eaten something that should not have been eaten and blocked the stomach. Bulldogs love to eat too much. And check for parvo.