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Travel guidelines

2018-03-31 22:24:45

In the tour takes 2 days time, the first day to visit Shugang-thin scenic area. On the second day, visit the He Garden, Chi Garden and Eight Strange memorial Hall and other attractions in the city. Shugang-thin Scenic Area Thin Park (Take You 1, You 2, 21, 22, 20 bus can be there), tickets: 90 yuan in peak season, 60 yuan in off-season, 20-35 yuan/hour by boat rental. Daming Temple (take 5, 25 bus to), tickets: 45 yuan, 10 yuan pagoda, 10 yuan Guan Yin Zen Temple. Hanling Garden (Take bus No. 1, 22 to get there), ticket: 40 yuan. Tang City Ruins Museum, Admission: 15 yuan, minors free. City attractions He Yuan (take 1, 19 bus to), tickets 45 yuan a park (take tour 1, tour 2 bus to) Tickets: off-season 30 yuan, peak season 45 yuan, Wang's small garden 35 yuan, Fu Park 18 yuan. Eight Strange Memorial Hall (by bus No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 16), Admission: 15 yuan, minors free. Note: Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, located in the urban area, formerly Wudaotai Mansion, including medical history museum, famous doctors, traditional Chinese medicine knowledge museum 3 parts. (Ticket 20 yuan) Wang's small garden, located in the urban area, is currently the most complete preservation of the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China large-scale salt merchant residence, three vertical three. (Ticket 15 yuan) -- Maoshan Park (from the railway station to take bus No. 2), ticket: 50 yuan, Fahai Cave 7 yuan. Jiaoshan Park, (from the railway station by bus No. 4 to), tickets: 50 yuan (including ferry), cableway 20 yuan round trip. Beigushan, (take bus No. 4 from the railway station), Ticket: 40 yuan. Xijin Dugu Street is located in the city Runzhou district small pier Street. Maoshan, Admission: 70 yuan. Maoshan is known as the "palace view of the world" famous, existing palace, longevity Palace, Wanfu Palace, five morning view, Qian Yuan view and other three palaces and five views. Maoshan has nine peaks, 18 springs, 26 caves and 28 pools. At the foot of the mountain is the memorial hall of the New Fourth Army) Transportation guide Train: The railway station is located on the west side of the district, 7 kilometers from the center. There are 5 pairs of Gold Line trains departing from the station. The city can be reached by buses such as No. 22 and 26. Long-distance bus: The bus station is located in the middle road Du intersection, mainly sent to the east, north of the provincial long-distance bus. Bus West station is located in the Hanjiang intersection of the middle Road, there are fast customers to send to every day. It takes only 45 minutes to get to the railway station (by ferry across the Yangtze River, 5 minutes). City transportation: The bus fare in the city is 1 yuan, and the township area is 2-3 yuan. Most taxis are Santana and Fukang, starting at 7 yuan, and can be reached within 10 yuan to various attractions in the city. The selection of food materials is rigorous, the cutting is fine, and the taste is emphasized. Famous dishes are eight treasures gourd, braised pig's head, pipa prawns and so on. Special snacks are bamboo shoots and meat pot stickers, cakes, egg fire. There are also red House banquet, three-head banquet and lotus root banquet. Famous restaurants are Spring Restaurant, Green Poplar tree, Fumanlou and so on. The food streets are Yuk Yin Street, Shi Ke Fa Road and Siwang Pavilion. Leisure and entertainment people have two major enjoyments: water in the morning and water in the evening. Have a cup of tea in the morning and try some special snacks, and take a bath in the afternoon. This is the best human enjoyment. In addition, there are also many modern entertainment venues, mainly concentrated in Sunzhuang Road Pedestrian Street, West Road, Wenhe Road and Guoqing Road. The local specialties of shopping specialties are cow skin candy, pickles, double yellow duck eggs and so on. Traditional handicrafts include plush toys, paper cutting, Qin post Dong sugar, jade, lacquer and so on. The most prosperous commercial street in the road, Golden Eagle International, Parkson commercial building are located in this street. In addition, Wenhe Road and Guoqing Road are also major commercial streets