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To blackhead several methods who is good?

2018-04-23 11:12:05

Blackhead! Blackhead! Most women are plagued by blackheads, and blackheads are almost impossible to cure the skin disease, can only be alleviated by the following 5 sweep "black" members. Blackhead is actually a case of keratin embolism, excess oil secreted in the pores mixed with old waste keratin blocked in the pores, oil oxidation becomes hardened oil blockage after exposure to the surface of the air after oxidation, so we commonly call it blackhead. Because of the strong secretion of oil in the T-area, blackheads usually appear in our forehead, nose and other T-area parts. The appearance of blackheads is caused by the combination of personal skin and external environmental factors, and people of any age and any skin type have the possibility of blackheads. Hot weather will lead to more oil, pores open, so that the excess oil in the sebum passage is more easily oxidized and hardened, so the blackhead situation is more obvious.


Removing blackheads Removing blackheads is a physical solution that uses adhesive force to pull blackheads out of pores. The most common is a variety of nose stickers, but many people can not stick anything when using nose stickers, in fact, as long as you master a little trick can pull out more blackheads. After taking a bath or using a towel to warm the clean face, let the keratine soften, and when the pores are open and the skin is not dry, put the sticky nose patch on it (the nose patch should not be too wet), wait until the nose patch is completely dry and begins to harden, and then lift the nose patch from the bottom, you will find that a lot of blackheads will be pulled out. After use, be sure to use an astringent toner to shrink pores, or use cold water to shrink. Advantages: Direct and powerful blackening, will not damage the disadvantages: the skin has a pull, will lead to pores loose and larger, if not timely convergence, blackheads will appear faster, pores will become larger.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


There are some blackhead export liquid on the market, by smearing and fumigating to make the blackhead emulsified and soft and easy to discharge from the pores, it is more troublesome to use. Many beauty salons offer this service. In fact, the use of cleansing oil and massage can also play a softening blackhead discharge blackhead effect. But the original spread is very dark said that baby oil to blackheads is basically useless, because the molecules are too large, unlike cleanser oil is generally used Jojoba oil as the base oil molecules are relatively small can penetrate into the pores, and cleanser oil can be emulsified, as long as you wash it off. If it is a large blackhead need more massage for a while, let it soften, and then gently squeeze out with a comedo stick. Advantages: The black effect is more obvious, basically no damage. Disadvantages: It takes a long time, and the skin will be dry after use.


Extrusion to blackhead extrusion to blackhead makes people very happy, a hard oil grain is very happy when it comes out, but it will be inflamed or leave red marks if it is not squeezed well. Generally, blackheads are squeezed with acne needles to break the skin and then squeeze, in order to make the oil particles easy to come out, in fact, you can also pass the first exfoliation, and then the method of applying flower water to make the pores smooth after the keratin becomes soft, you can gently squeeze out the blackhead, and some small blackheads will float out by themselves. Pros: The black is very thorough. Disadvantages: acupuncture, squeezing easy inflammation.