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"Three Kingdoms" card record card guide

2018-04-06 09:36:18

As a three-kingdom killing player, if you want to become a real master, only familiar with the martial arts skills is not enough. Know yourself and the enemy, like ordinary poker, if you can memorize the type, quantity, and even suit, points of the game card, you can be in the competition, let yourself in a more favorable position. In view of 108 cards for many people, is not a small test, to memorize, it is really not an easy thing, then through some of my experience, I hope you can get a more comprehensive understanding of The Three Kingdoms kill card.


First 108 game cards, can be divided into 104 basic game cards, and 4 expansion game cards, expansion game cards are also called EX cards, in the card face below the EX words. The 108 cards are divided into three categories: ordinary cards, brocade cards and equipment cards. 53 ordinary cards, 35 brocade cards, a total of 88. 53, 35, 88 these three numbers are very symmetrical, you will be easy to remember it. A total of 20 equipment cards, 88+20=108, very neat, very easy to remember.


Key points and principles: (1) Attack cards are mostly black, defensive and reply cards are generally red. (2) All Settings are necessarily related. (3) The suit of the card, the percentage of points and the effectiveness of many skills and equipment are related.


[ordinary card], the so-called ordinary card, is currently [kill], [flash], [peach], the ordinary card, only the name of the card, no text explanation. 53 ordinary cards, [kill] 30, [flash] 15, the number of [flash] is half of the kill, the remaining 8 [peach]. [Kill] 30 cards have 21 black cards, 9 red cards, [flash], [peach] all red cards, no black cards. Principle 1 is verified. 【 Kill 】 : 3 hearts, 6 diamonds, 7 spades, 14 grass flowers, a total of 30. There are twice as many diamonds as hearts and twice as many grass flowers as spades. Now, to recap, as long as we remember that there are 3 hearts kills, we can calculate the number of all other suits, diamonds =3 x 2=6, spades =10-3=7, grass flowers =7 x 2=14. [Flash] : 3 hearts, 12 square pieces, this is very simple, the number of hearts [flash] and hearts [kill] as much, are 3, flash all red color, then, the remaining free square [flash], the number is 15-3=12. Peach: 7 hearts, 1 square, peach, naturally are all red, and of course, most of them are red peach, remember that there is only one square peach, naturally know that the number of red peach is 8-1=7.


[Brocade card], brocade card under the card face, there are "brocade" words, there are 2 kinds of brocade, non-delay brocade, delay brocade, delay brocade with an hourglass icon above. 35 cards, 10 kinds of non-delay cards, a total of 30 cards, 2 kinds of delay cards, a total of 5 cards, a total of 12 kinds of cards. Defensive: 1 [Invulnerable] Attack: 3 [Nanman Invasion] [thousands of arrows fired] [Duel] Restriction: 3 [kill with a knife] [steal the sheep] [Burn the bridge] Auxiliary: 3 [Peach Garden Knot] [Out of thin air] [Grain Harvest] Delay: 2 kinds of [lightning] [Le Bushu] There are only 2 kinds of cards: [million arrows] [Taoyuan conclusion] There are 3 kinds of cards: [knife to kill] [Grain Fengden] [Lightning] There are 4 kinds of cards: [impeccable] [Nanman invasion] [Duel] [Le Bushu] There are 4 kinds of cards: [Out of thin air] There are 5 kinds of cards: There are 6 cards there are 1 kinds: [Crossing the bridge] We can find that the law of the numbers in this, from 1 to 6, is 2, 3, 4, 1, 1, 1. We call 3 or less cards a few cards, and 4 or more cards a majority card. Then, there are a total of 20 pieces of a few cards, 2 kinds of a few cards, 3 kinds of 2 cards, 4 kinds of 3 cards, and the number of types is always just 1 more than the number of cards. And the number of 4, 5, 6 of most of the bag, there are only 1.


[Equipment card], equipment card below the card face, there is the word "equipment". There are 4 types of equipment plates, each of which can be loaded with 1 piece in the equipment area. 20 equipment cards, 11 weapon cards, 3 armor, 3 +1 horse, 3 -1 horse. The numbers are neat and easy to remember. [Weapons] Number of weapons and attack range: a total of 11 weapons, of which Zhuge Lian crossbow is 2, the others are only one, a total of 10 weapons. Weapon attack range of 1:2, all Zhuge crossbows. Weapon attack range of 2:3, male and female sword, ice sword, green 釭 sword. Weapon attack range of 3:4, green dragon knife, Zhangeight snake spear, stone axe, silver moon gun. Weapon attack range of 4:1, square sky paint halberd. Weapon attack range of 5:1, bow. This rule is completely similar to the distribution of the quantity of the bag just now. Weapon suits and points: 11 weapons, 5 spades, 4 diamonds, 1 heart, 1 grass flower, also mostly black cards. Weapons attack range of 1:2 crossbows, A square A, a grass flower A weapons attack range of 2:3 are spades, male and female swords are 2 spades, this is easy to remember, male and female and 2 to some extent is the same meaning; Ice sword is also 2 of spades, ice is EX card, can replace male and female swords, and ice sword can discard 2 cards when launching skills, so it is not difficult to remember; Green 釭 sword is 6 of spades, this, as we know, green 釭 sword is broken armor, the shape of the general shield is basically close to round, the number 6 is like a sword inserted into a shield, so it is easy to remember. Weapon attack range of 3: Green dragon knife and Zhang eight snake spear are spades, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's weapons, aggression is naturally high, so it is spades, and Zhang Fei is very black, green dragon is spades 5, Zhang eight is spades Q, 5Q5Q, weapon pronunciation oh. Guanshi axe, Silver moon gun are square slice card, Guanshi axe is square slice 5, Silver moon gun is square slice Q, is also 5Q, Guanshi axe can be forced to hit, indeed good force, so it is 5, and Silver moon was the artifact of Zhao Yun and Zhen Ji before, after the change, it is the artifact of Lv Meng and Cao Ren, so it is Q (instrument). Silver Moon Gun This EX card is used to replace the square sky picture halberd. Weapon attack range of 4: Square sky picture halberd is square slice Q. Weapon attack range is 5: Bow is the only weapon of hearts, 5 of Hearts. Summary: The crossbow of the attack range 1, the point is A, because it is a strategic weapon, and the point and the attack range are the same, are 1; If the attack range is 2, the point is generally 2, and the point is also 2 with the attack range. The green 釭 sword is 6, because it ignores any defense equipment, and is 1 more than the bow distance of 5 with the highest attack range, which is 6; Attack range 3 and above, all points are 5 and Q. There are a total of 5 spades in the weapon, except for the Spades Q, the other 4 are lightning judgment cards. [Protective gear] A total of 3 pieces of protective gear, there are 2 kinds, the number of points are 2. Bagua Array: 2 cards, a spade 2, a grass flower 2. Ren Wang Shield: 1, for grass flower 2, Ren Wang shield is EX card used to replace the kind of grass flower 2 of the Bagua array. Only one of the two spades in the armor is a lightning judgment card. 【 Horse 】 +1 horse and -3 horse each. +1 horse: Lu (Liu Bei), Huang Feidian (Cao Cao), Yue Ying (Cao Cao) +1 horse 3 are the Lord's horses, the Lord's horse is of course defensive than offensive much more important. -1 Horse: Red rabbit, Dayuan, Zinante +1 horse to determine oh, the remaining three horses, are not the duke of The Three Kingdoms horse, then we regard them as the general's horse, is the attack horse. Weapons are all 5Q, so horses are 5K, all horse counts are 5 and K, the pattern is clear. The name of the three countries inside the red rabbit, Lu, the shadow, the claw should be the number of 5, but the claw is the most words, the other are 2 words, so the claw and the other 2 horses point K. Red rabbit, as we all know, red, then naturally is the heart. Claw Huang Fei electric is Cao Cao and the son of heaven when riding, attended is a festive occasion rather than the battlefield, then it is also a red heart. The shadow is Cao Cao war riding, so it is spades. Dayuan Liangjiu has always been a great horse, spades. Rocinante is also a type of red, but not positive red, so give it in addition to the hearts of another type of red card - the square card. The Lu is Liu Bei's horse, legend, this horse hinder the master, the master died one by one, is indeed very mildew (plum), plum. Six horses only the shadow is lightning judge card, it is estimated that Cao Cao specially raised Sima Yi to change the lightning, just, said in front of the shadow is a wartime mount, and can change the characteristics of lightning, also consistent.


Lightning Judgment Card Summary: All equipment cards, a total of 6 lightning judgment cards: 4 weapons: Spades 2 male and female sword, Spades 2 ice sword, Spades 6 green 釭 sword, Spades 5 green dragon knife. 1 shield: Spades 2 Bagua array. 1 horse +1 horse: Cao Cao's shadow, 5 Spades. The lightning judgment card has a total of 17, in addition to the above six, there are 11: the normal card has five spades kill: seven spades, eight and nine spades two each. There are 6 cards in the card: The two most cards in the card, there are 3 spades, and 2 are lightning judgment cards, both are 3 and 4 spades. Three South Man invasion inside, there are two spades, one of which 7 spades for the lightning judgment card. There is a spades in the 3 cards, and the 6 of spades is the lightning judgment card. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The previous article focuses on the number and distribution of cards, and also involves the suits and points of related cards. The importance of points: Zhou Tai's unyielding skills and lightning judgment cards are related to points. The importance of color: Red card: Red kill benevolence Wang Dun, Guan Yu Wu Sheng. Black card: Zhen Ji Luo Shen, Zhen Ji pour country, launch silver moon gun. Red peach: Ji demagogies, Sima change lobleshu, Xiao Qiao Tian Xiang, God Guan Yu ignore distance kill. Square slice: Big Joe pour country. Spades: Sima, Zhangjiao lightning judge card, Zhangjiao lightning strike, Xiao Qiao used to day incense and broken benevolence Wang shield and judge through joy. Grass Flower: The second bullet expansion new toolkit will be involved. Zhou Yu's antagonism, we must have a certain judgment of Zhou Yu's card suit. The most important of the above is: Hearts: Knowing the number and type of hearts ordinary cards and non-delay cards is very important because of Yuji's appearance. Spades Lightning judgment card: When Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao are present, it is very important to rewrite the whole history of things, strategic cards. Especially the lightning judging card in the equipment card, so that the cooperation of teammates has a deeper test, the only spades 6 happy, sometimes can also be pulled from the head of others to explode thunder. Square piece equipment card: for big Joe, it can increase the scope of displacement - stone axe, silver moon gun, square day picture halberd, -1 Mazi ante, and can be used to music opponents at critical times. The Zhuge crossbow of square A can be used directly to amuse the opponent after the use of the situation in the field of view, or left to the Allies who can attack the opponent and play the effectiveness of Zhuge. [Heart card] Next, say again, the heart game card, this is very important for the player, you have to be able to understand yourself or others for the Ji, so as to calculate, in order to be able to prevail in the demagogic attack and defense war. And for Sima Yi and Qiao, in addition to being familiar with the lightning judgment card, they have enough card sense for the hearts card, and they can be sensitive enough to the hearts card on the field, especially the hearts equipment card, when they need to change their judgment.


The distribution of hearts in the ordinary cards: 3 hearts [kill], 3 hearts [flash], 7 hearts [peach], a total of 13. In addition to the distribution of the hearts in the non-delay card, in addition to 1 bridge crossing and 1 million arrows, the other non-delay card is the auxiliary card: the defensive card: 1 kind of [impeccable] - no hearts. Attack: 3 kinds of [Nanman invasion] [ten thousand arrows] [Duel] - the only one ten thousand arrows is hearts. Restriction type: 3 kinds of [steal to kill] [steal to steal] [burn Bridges] - there is a bridge is a heart. Auxiliary package: 3 kinds of [Peach garden knot] [out of nothing] [Grain harvest] - all hearts. In this way, it can be seen that Yu Ji's demagogic, the core should be around the three basic cards, and the auxiliary card to play, and the flexible use of 10,000 arrows and hearts over the demolition also gives everyone more space. By the way to sort out the Ji magic can not use the card of hearts, this is for Sima Yi, it can be changed to decide that little Joe can be used to day incense, God Guan Yu no distance to kill, there is a simple understanding: delay class: Lightning has a heart card, for EX card. Le Busishu has a heart card. Equipment: The only heart card in the weapon is the bow; The armor has no hearts card; The horse has two hearts - red rabbit and claw yellow fly.