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The super beautiful classic American TV series ---- accompanies my memories for many years

2018-04-06 22:24:20

I believe that everyone who likes to watch American TV series knows that, unlike Chinese TV series, American TV series are generally played in seasons, and they will be played for many years. Sometimes, an American TV series follows his learning career for many years, and gradually becomes a part of his life. Next, let's review those classic American TV series that have accompanied us for many years!


American TV series




The Big Bang Theory's eighth season has come to an end, and we've grown up along with the cast of Frankenstein, who's been with us for eight years. At the end of season 8, Sheldon pulled out his own ring, the hearts of friends are not to be crispy, and look forward to the next episode!


Friends Friends all 10 seasons have ended, the so-called true friends can never be broken up, although the six people have ended, but the philosophy and emotions that friends give us interpretation, the kind of friends will last forever.


Although 2 Broke Girls only aired four seasons, but the drama's two female protagonists Max and Caroline because of fate to come together revealed natural emotions and a variety of funny things, are attracting the audience to pay attention to them. I hope the two sisters will continue to bring us joy and positive energy in the future.


Modern Family has now finished six seasons, based on the life of three typical families in the United States, with a narrative style, step by step to attract us to enter and feel the atmosphere of American family life.


The Vampire Diaries has been staged for six seasons, the show can be said to occupy a pivotal position in the US TV series, once said to set off a bloody war and completely subvert everyone's third view, but it can not stop a group of die-hard fans stay up late to date oh!


The end of the six seasons of Gossip Girl has undoubtedly proved a truth, whether it is a domestic TV series or an American TV series, often happens in the campus youth story is easy to resonate with people, overnight more countless hardcore fans.


Prison break is different from other American TV series, the painting style is sudden, with thrilling, exciting and mysterious to bring you a visual feast, step by step let you fall into the preset trap so that you can not extrude yourself, it can be described as the best attraction of prison break this American TV series!

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