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The scope of service operated by Food Heng takeaway agent is revealed

2018-04-06 20:48:38

Around 2010, group buying began to break out, and the catering industry then entered the Internet stage. With the "burning money war" as the main way of competition, take-out gradually entered our lives. It was also at this time that take-out generation operations were quietly born. For a time, a large number of training advertisements on the theme of "takeaway training camp" and "takeaway class" appeared on the network. Food Heng and other take-out operators have also won capital favor. In addition, some well-known brands have also begun to operate through delivery agents and open on delivery platforms. However, at present, there are still many businesses that do not understand the foreign sales agent operation industry is not very clear, it is not clear what the service scope of the delivery agent operation is, let's have a detailed understanding of it.


Faced with the practical problems of traditional catering brands such as weak Internet gene, low informatization level, little online operation experience, lack of professional team and excessive online operation cost, Food Heng has planned integrated online refined operation services and data system services, including basic research, product operation, distribution operation, traffic operation, visual design, data monitoring and data analysis. Through this intelligent system for the brand to enhance the transaction volume, output brand image.


Service scope of food Heng take-out operation: basic operation customization needs, shop decoration style positioning; Shop door decoration and poster; Food packaging design (value-added services); Menu combination design, menu structure optimization; Regular menu optimization based on sales data; Online activities, food inventory maintenance; Abnormal switch real-time monitoring of basic operations;


Carry out marketing activities in combination with hot spots; Planning and execution; Platform activity optimization, program development; Activity effect review; Traffic inlet operation; Improve the gate comprehensive sorting, strengthen the flow; Door level differentiated operation activities operation;


Maintenance and evaluation of platform management; Poor assessment alert and optimization treatment; Traffic and platform application; Industry information exchange and analysis; Platform data, unified management; Dual platform differentiation operation;


Data analysis Consumer big data, business area consumption data analysis; Marketing expense ratio and profit margin analysis; Exposure rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate analysis; Food structure, market demand, customer demand analysis;


Coordinate the delivery of capacity solutions; Distribution range optimization; Optimization of distribution mode; Coordinate and solve distribution contradictions;


Report management and brand communication operations; Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports; Stage review and summary; Key module trend analysis.


With strong operation service capabilities and technical advantages, Food Heng provides customized refined operation services for large, small and medium-sized catering and new retail merchants covering 240+ cities and regions, bringing tens of millions of new revenue and continuous improvement of brand influence to merchants, and helping merchants form a long-term sound development mechanism. This also makes food Heng become the current hot delivery service provider.