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The mountain to the Taiwan guide

2018-04-07 09:36:55

Shandong Chaotai is a very worthy to visit the scenic spot, today Xiaobian to bring you a guide to the clothing, food, housing and travel of Shandong Chaotai.


Clothing: hardshell jacket, rainproof pants, quick-drying pants, hiking shoes, must be rainproof light (there is no place for you to shower, wash clothes. Let's wait till we get to Taiwhi. And a good pair of hiking shoes will keep your feet comfortable without blistering. Remember!!) Raincoat must be sure to buy well in advance, we all know that the weather on the mountain is erratic, and it is very expensive to sell. Remember not to use disposable raincoats with no wool at all. Don't bring home the rain and the wind blew it all open. I saw people on the road wearing thick, ankle-length black raincoats to keep them warm and dry. Because when I stay in the temple, it's very, very, very, very, very, very, very. It's even worse when you get wet. So you know the importance of raincoats!


Food: Light food don't bring too much chocolate biscuit bread series, and each temple can fetch water to drink (noon, evening can eat in the temple, their own pleasure is good. I love the food in West Terrace. It's really the best meal I've ever had.


Stay: The temple can hang orders, preferably in five tables. Bed comforter will damp. Not adapted to their own sleeping bag.


Ok: There are many people on the road facing the platform, do not be afraid of not knowing the road, because there are only a few roads, do not be afraid of not knowing the path, because they have come out of the track and you can see it at a glance. Don't skip the ticket. 148 for a ticket is not less than a piece of meat. Just register when you leave the mountain. Others: Preferably two trekking poles, knee pads must be brought, sunscreen, hats, essentials I won't say more.


I hope I can help you.


Be safe and have a good time.