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Several common motherboard maintenance methods

2018-01-02 09:36:00
Several common motherboard maintenance methods

1. Cleaning method This method is generally used to solve the problem that the motherboard cannot work properly due to too much dust on the motherboard, and the dust with static electricity can be used to remove the dust on the motherboard. In addition, the motherboard is generally connected to a lot of external board cards, the gold finger part of these boards may be oxidized, resulting in poor contact with the motherboard, this problem can be eraser to erase the surface of the oxide layer.


2. The observation method mainly uses the technique of "seeing and touching". In the case of power off, see whether the parts are correctly connected, whether the capacitor and resistance pins are in good contact, and whether the surface of the parts is burnt and cracked. Whether the copper foil on each circuit board has burned traces. At the same time, you can touch the surface of some chips with your hand to see if there is a very hot phenomenon. The mainboard Debug indicator helps users understand component faults more effectively


3. Replacement method When some fault phenomena are not sure which part is caused, the suspected part can be replaced to eliminate the fault. You can take the suspected parts to the good computer to try, and you can also connect the good parts to the faulty computer to try. For example, if the internal self-check times are wrong or the capacity is wrong, you can use this method to determine the real culprit causing the fault.


4. Software diagnostic method here we generally refer to the test through the random diagnostic program or system test software. Generally used to check various interface circuit faults.