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Query method of sci impact factor

2018-04-01 17:36:44

SCI impact factor is an important index to evaluate the academic value of articles at present, but many people do not know how to query the impact factor of a journal. This paper takes the impact factor of Plant Cell magazine as an example to introduce the method of querying SCI impact factor. This experience is only applicable to those who have SCI Impact factor Query database (ISI), if you do not have permission to the database, I can help you query, I only hope you can enjoy this experience, thank you. (In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, resulting in failure to pass the audit, I have dealt with the website and logo involved, please forgive me)


At present, the most authoritative international SCI impact factor query database is ISI database, this is our query tool, the interface of this database is as follows:

Procedure and method of SCI impact factor query

Step 1: After opening the SCI Impact Factor Query database (ISI) of Baiwen Library, the following interface will appear. Click "Other" in the blue box as shown in the picture below.


After clicking the "Other" button in the first step, the following interface appears. According to the picture below, click the "journal citation reports" button in the blue box


After clicking the "journal citation reports" button according to the previous steps, the following interface is displayed: The interface for querying SCI impact factors is displayed


After entering the SCI impact factor query interface, select the option in the blue box as "Search for a specific journal" according to the figure below, and then click the red box "SUBMIT" button in the figure below


Step 4 After completing submission, enter the following interface and click "view list of full journal titles" in the blue box.


After clicking on "view list of full journal titles", you will enter the full title page, which is full of magazine names, in alphabetical order


Enter the full name of the magazine page, press "ctrl+F", a search box will appear in the upper right corner of the page, enter the name of the magazine you want to query in the search box, such as "plant cell" in this example, the following results will appear, the blue box in the lower left corner is the name of the magazine related to your query, copy one of them


Once you have copied the name of the magazine you want to query, go back to the previous page and paste it in the blue box shown in the image below. Click the "SUBMIT" button


After clicking submit, the impact factor of the magazine will be obtained, as shown in the figure below. The blue box is the magazine name PlantCell you want to query, and the red box is the impact factor of the magazine within 5 years and that year.


Thank you all

Matters needing attention

The most authoritative data should be used for the inquiry of SCI impact factors. Please use internationally recognized databases and do not use some privately set up websites for inquiry. If you do not have ISI database access, you can ask me to help you search. If this experience helps you, give me your support.