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Private car insurance claims process how to do?

2018-04-06 16:00:55

At present, private car insurance mainly includes two main insurance: vehicle damage insurance and third party liability insurance. In addition, there are now about ten additional risks to choose from: on-board personnel liability insurance, on-board cargo liability insurance, theft and theft insurance, glass breakage alone, off-track damage insurance, spontaneous combustion damage insurance, body scratch damage insurance, no-fault liability insurance, non-deductible special clause, salvage special clause.


            Clear auto insurance liability is first to see what insurance can cover, such as vehicle collision behavior, these are guaranteed. However, some insurance will be due to fire, explosion caused by the loss of the vehicle as the main product of insurance, some are natural disasters caused by vehicle damage excluded from the insurance liability, which are expressed in the insurance clauses. The second is to find out what insurance does not cover. The part of liability exemption listed in the insurance should be clearly read. Previous experience has shown that when consumers settle claims and insurance disputes, often in this part. Such as broken glass and car body scratches, both of which are exempted from liability in most insurance policies, and special additional insurance needs to be purchased. The first step in calculating the liability limit is to determine the liability limit of the third party liability insurance. It is understood that according to the current compensation standard for injury incidents, the general liability limit of the owner in the purchase of third party liability insurance is 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. Experts suggest that it is best to choose a liability limit of 200,000 yuan for vehicles with better models. So that in the event of injury, there can be adequate insurance protection. Secondly, the amount of vehicle damage insurance is determined. When purchasing vehicle damage insurance, the amount of insurance is generally determined by the purchase price of a new car. In the event of an accident, the insurance payment should be able to meet the needs of the car repair. In addition, insurance experts suggest that car owners can consider buying special insurance without deductible. Taking theft insurance as an example, at present, each has a 20% exemption rate for theft insurance, that is to say, once a theft occurs, the insurance only accepts


For 80% of the loss, the owner needs to bear 20% of the responsibility. "But after the purchase of special insurance without deductible, the exemption rate is zero, and the entire robbery loss can be all 'paid' by the insurance", insurance experts table


Yes. After the scope of protection is determined, under the same scope of protection, insurance experts recommend that the owner compare the price given by the insurance. At present, the various insurance auto insurance concessions are often adjusted, and the owner can make a horizontal comparison when he is insured to make the best choice. However, insurance experts also suggest that car owners should not simply consider the price when buying auto insurance, insurance service level, payment speed, network Settings should be an important consideration for the purchase of auto insurance. If some in the owner to buy


Insurance inspection is more strict, but in the claim can not fully consider the interests of customers, and some underwriting conditions are very loose, but after collecting premiums, to the owner of the risk need to settle claims, but the card is very strict.


1, protect the scene of the accident, rescue the injured, and quickly report the auto insurance clauses usually stipulate that the insurance is reported within 48 hours after the accident, otherwise the insurance has the right to refuse compensation. If you entrust someone to report the case on your behalf, you should also bring your ID card and the letter of attorney issued by the insured to report the case on your behalf. 2, damage repair due to insurance accidents caused by all vehicle losses before repair, must be insured to assess the loss item and amount; Repair the damaged vehicle only after the damage assessment is completed; Any compensation paid for personal or property damage caused to a third party shall also be subject to verification of the item of compensation, relevant evidence and amount by the insurance before settling the claim. 3. The insured or its agent shall, within 10 days after the completion of the accident, submit the claim documents including: Written confirmation of traffic accident liability, mediation statement, judgment, repair invoice, medical invoice, medical history, proof of lost work, identity of the dependents, original (copy) of the insurance policy, copy of the ID card, copy of the driving license, copy of the driver's license and other materials submitted to the insurance, the insurance will calculate the compensation; At that time, the insurance will be notified to receive insurance compensation; When receiving compensation, the payee should carry the original insurance policy, the identity card of the insured or the original of the household register, such as entrusts others to collect, the representative should also carry the identity card and the letter of Authorization to receive compensation issued by the insured. 4, special cases of claims when the vehicle is stolen or robbed, should first report to the authorities, should be notified within 24 hours of the risk or criminal police; Then report to the insurance, the vehicle is stolen or robbed within 48 hours with personal information to the insurance to fill in the "motor vehicle insurance Notice", do the registration procedures. Within three months, if the vehicle is not recovered, the following documents can be brought: the theft certificate issued by the authority, the original insurance policy, the driving license of the insured vehicle, the driver's license, the original ID card of the insured, the original ID card of the complainant and the key of the vehicle to the insurance claim. END

Matters needing attention

Private car owners in the purchase of auto insurance, should see through the actual situation of the insurance products to choose, do not blindly insurance. ​