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Naruto power rankings

2018-04-06 08:00:39

Naruto ol based on Naruto anime adaptation, with its unique features by the majority of players like, so that the image of Naruto characters more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the following is Xiaoleng brought Naruto strength ranking, how can you not see?




Big tube wood bright night. As the embodiment of the divine tree, Hui Night absorbs the nutrients of the earth, creates the art of Chakra, is the ancestor of ninjas, the most powerful.


The six immortals. As Hui night, with his brother Yuyi sealed the mother Hui night, the first ten tail people column force, the ten tail is divided into nine tail beasts, truly understand the meaning of Chakara, maintain the world, and make a great contribution to the ninja world.


Vortex Naruto. Naruto with nine tails Chakara can not only semi-evolved state, can also become a full form, coupled with their own serious hard practice, their own development of spiral pill form changes, the strength can not be underestimated. How many people are inspired by the spirit of not giving up.


Uchiba Sasuke. Sasuke in the early years has shown a talent, strength is outstanding than peers, not only mastered the Rache, fire escape, Uzhibo is the only one left, opened the writing wheel eye and must Zuo can, after the war transplanted reincarnation eye, strength is not to say.


Uchi Haba. The spot is one of the strongest representatives of the last era, and the fierce battle with the original fire shadow can be described as earth-shattering, the use of reincarnation eye and writing wheel eye is more powerful, and completed the pioneering work of sealing multiple tail beasts.


A thousand hands between the pillars. Together with the plaque to establish the wood leaf ninja village, has been pursuing the environment, after realizing their dreams with the plaque many times fierce battle, good at wood escape and earth escape.


Nara deer maru. On the strength may be relatively far behind, but his wisdom is indeed not comparable to others, and Asma cooperate with the war know two members, killed the flying section alone, and finally assisted Naruto, is also one of the strength figures.

Matters needing attention

The perspective of Xiaobian is not the same, and the views of readers may be different.