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LED fluorescent lamp power supply is the most important component of LED fluorescent lamp

2018-04-25 04:48:52

In LED lighting, the trend of LED fluorescent lamps replacing traditional fluorescent lamps is becoming increasingly clear, so the LED fluorescent lamp market is very good, manufacturers are mainly divided into three categories: one is to do the LED chip, the circuit knowledge and the LED fluorescent lamp power supply understanding is not much; The second is to do general lighting work, understand some circuit knowledge; The three categories are workers who have just entered the industry, and the understanding of LED power is not thorough. LED fluorescent lamp power supply is the most important component of LED fluorescent lamp, improper selection, LED fluorescent lamp can not play a performance, even can not be used normally.


The characteristics of LED semiconductors determine that they are more affected by the environment. For example, the temperature change increases, the current of the LED increases, the voltage increases, the current of the LED will also increase. Long-term operation exceeding the rated current will greatly shorten the service life of the LED. LED constant current is to ensure that its operating current is unchanged when environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change.


Some customers first design the lamp board, and then find the power supply, find it difficult to have a suitable power supply, or the current is too large, the voltage is too small; Either the current is too small, the voltage is too high, the result is serious heating, low efficiency, or the input voltage range is not enough. In fact, choose the best series and connection method, the voltage and current added to each LED is the same, and the effect of the power supply can play the best performance. The best way is to communicate with the power supplier first and tailor it.


General LED rated working current 20 ma, some work is used at the beginning, the design of 20 mA, in fact, the current work heat is very serious, after many comparative tests, the design of 17 Ma is more ideal. The total current of N parallel channels is 17 * N


The recommended working voltage of the general LED is 3.0-3.5V, after testing, most of the work is 3.125V, so the calculation formula is more reasonable according to 3.125V. Total voltage of M beads in series =3.125* M