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Is cp a partner or a couple

2018-04-06 19:12:02

cp means lovers, partners, pairing means, used very much on the Internet and mobile games, cp is to fall in love on the Internet, and can also be used when watching TV series, said that different protagonists in the TV series can form different cp, similar to the feeling of partners. However, in English, it is the abbreviation of Couple, meaning the meaning of husband and wife, in the Internet world, this word regardless of gender and relationship, is to describe two people are very close and the audience wants the two people together, so it is to knock cp, in short, the usage is very much. cp Source: cp originates from the Japanese ACGN fandom. Originally, it refers to the matching of lovers in a romantic relationship, mainly used in the quadratic ACGN fandom. It also refers to the fans of animation and film works who pair the characters in the film as same-sex or heterosexual couples, and sometimes refers to the intimate relationship between the two people, indicating the relationship between characters. The word pairing is fundamentally a fan-speak. In Japan, the use of pairing is mostly limited to fan-creation activities. Who is paired with whom is only the personal preference and imagination of the fan creator, which belongs to the secondary creation. Although we often see people say that who is the official match (official match), but this is only the private communication of fans.