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Insect only number game guide

2018-04-29 17:37:00

Recently Xiaobian received a lot of questions, one of which is the following Xiaobian for you to sort out the steps of the insect only number of games, I hope these methods can help you.


First of all, according to the question, dragonflies and cicadas have 6 legs, and spiders have 8 legs, so the first step can divide these insects into 8 legs and 6 legs.


Then, assuming that all 18 insects have 6 legs, then the total number of legs is 6x 18=108, but there are actually 118 legs, this answer is off by 10 legs.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Then, there are 18 insects in total, five known to be spiders, so dragonflies and cicadas total 13. To have 20 pairs of wings, dragonflies need seven and cicadas six


In the end, there were seven dragonflies, five spiders and six cicadas.

Matters needing attention

The above methods are collected by small series, and I hope to help you.