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How to whiten the whole body skin

2018-04-02 08:00:32

Whitening has always been a topic that people have been pursuing, especially girls, pomelo has also been in the pursuit of whitening on the road, summed up some small methods of whitening, whitening is not a day or two can be successful, focus on persistence, let's talk about the whole body whitening what methods it has.


Homemade whitening film want to white the whole body, but if you buy whole-body whitening products, the price must not be low, homemade whitening mask, both economic and effective. You can put pearl powder + Job's tears water according to the proportion of good, and then stir into a sticky paste, and finally add some body milk or vitamin e milk, because only pearl powder may absorb the water on the body, and finally prepare and evenly spread on the body, wrapped in plastic wrap, about 30 minutes to remove and wash, whitening skin care.


Lemon + passion fruit lemon is rich in vitamin c, which is very helpful for whitening, use a clean jar, cut the lemon into slices, peel the passion fruit, then add honey, put in the refrigerator, take out a spoonful every day, add water, is a good lemon passion fruit drink, but note that the shelf life of passion fruit is very short, It is recommended not to do too much at one time.


Tomatoes Tomatoes contain vitamin c and a variety of vitamins, is very helpful for whitening, can whiten the skin of the whole body, after all, is to eat down can achieve a whole body whitening, and eat tomatoes every day will make the skin color become better and better.


Vitamin c chewable tablets if you usually eat fruit intake is not much, you can supplement vitamin c, vitamin c can play a very good whitening effect, but vitamin c can not eat for a long time, so it is recommended that you do not eat for a period of time to stop for a month, after all, what is too much for the body is not good.


Whitening skin care products When you usually buy skin care products, you can also try to buy some skin care products that are helpful for whitening, especially whole-body whitening can choose skin care products with whitening effect, but we should pay attention to a few points. 1, whether skin care products play a temporary whitening effect, that is, skin care products add ingredients like bb, so the body milk needs to be removed at night. 2, whether it contains vitamin c, skin care products containing vitamin c, can not be sensitive, otherwise the more black the more, to use at night.


Oral health care whitening is very popular in recent years, there are many people say that the use of a certain health care whitening, but there must be a lot of added advertising effect, so there are friends who want to eat health care whitening to polish their eyes, choose suitable for themselves and healthy is important, after all, health is more important than white.


Sunscreen all whitening, no sunscreen is useless, and sunscreen is not only whitening so simple, do a good job of sunscreen can also delay skin aging, isolation of ultraviolet rays, summer sunscreen has physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, you can apply sunscreen, you can also play umbrellas, wear sun-protective clothing, don't be lazy, don't give up trouble, After all, this is the most effective way to fundamentally inhibit blackness, and if you want to whiten your whole body, don't be afraid of trouble.