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How to visit customers

2018-04-24 11:12:15

Visiting customers is also quite pay attention to, understand customer needs, can achieve twice the effect of half the effort


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1. Prepare samples, catalog books, pens and notebooks. Before you meet with the client, think about the opening line, questions to ask, what to say, and possible answers. Usually related to the product information, brochures, advertising, etc., must be studied and memorized, and at the same time to collect competitors' advertising, publicity materials, brochures, etc., to be studied and analyzed, in order to achieve "know yourself and know your enemy", so as to truly know yourself and know your enemy.


2. Show up on time. There is no excuse for being late. If you can't avoid being late, you must get through to apologize before the appointed time. Leaving early is the only way to avoid being late.


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4, we can not reach a deal with every customer visited, he should try to visit more customers to increase the percentage of transactions. Sales reps can't go home empty-handed, even if the one you visit has no demand for the time being and can't close the deal. Also find a way to get him to introduce you to a new client.


5, always pay attention to the customer's favorite topics and his hobbies, he likes to talk to him more. Keep an eye on his every move. You can do whatever you want. The outcome of the conversation is not important, the atmosphere of the process is important. So it's best if we just talk about what he's interested in.