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How to survive the seven-year Itch

2018-04-22 20:48:51

The divorce rate in modern society is very high, especially because many couples find it difficult to get over the "seven-year itch", that is, after seven years of marriage, their feelings gradually fade, leading to divorce. I have been married for 14 years now, but the couple's relationship is still very good, and there is no so-called "seven-year itch". So how do couples survive the seven-year itch? First, the man should bear the family responsibility. I have found that the reasons for divorce are mostly caused by the man's lack of family responsibilities. In these cases of marriage breakdown, the man is generally lazy and does not fulfill his family obligations, never helps his wife do housework, and puts all the family burden on his wife, which leads to the wife's haggard heart and eventually divorce. Second, the woman should take care of the family. Some girls have been pampered in their parents' homes since childhood, living a life of clothes and food, and this girl will not do housework after marriage, even do not do rice, do not wash clothes, so that her husband can not feel the warmth of the family. This kind of marriage is easy to break up after six or seven years. The third is to give up bad habits. If the husband and wife want to successfully go through the "seven-year itch", they must give up bad habits, the man can not drink alcohol, drugs, gambling, the woman can not drink, night out. If you don't get rid of bad habits, it will definitely affect the long-term marriage. Fourth, cultivate common interests. Both husband and wife from different families to form the same family, the character is not exactly the same, so it is easy to produce contradictions, for this reason, both husband and wife in the future life must develop common interests. It is said that under the problem of watching TV, the man loves to watch football, the woman loves to watch love, then the woman also takes a proper look at football, cultivate the love of football, and the man should also take a proper look at love. When couples have a common interest, the conflict is reduced, and there is no "seven-year itch." The fifth is to create romance. Life is originally plain, people sometimes easy to ordinary life fatigue, want to change the living environment, both husband and wife have been for a long time, but also easy to produce aesthetic fatigue. This requires both husband and wife to learn to create romance, the husband can give his wife a surprise on his wife's birthday, and the wife can buy his husband the gift he has long been yearning for. At the same time, the husband and wife can also go out together to travel, outing, in order to create romance and improve the freshness of marriage.