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How to lose weight safely and effectively?

2018-04-23 20:48:30

I am talking about losing weight here, not by health care products, drugs, nor diet, because these are very harmful to the body. 1, a lot of beautiful girls, young women like to eat less, to lose weight. In fact, the mouth is very hungry, but in order to slim, bad stomach. This is not desirable, it is easy to have gastritis and physical decline. 2, eat health products weight loss drugs, general drugs sold weight loss drugs have a few is true? Many small home production, only wrote a few taste of Chinese patent medicine without side effects, side effects and other ingredients did not write out. Is the drug three points poison, medicine into the stomach, to liver detoxification, increase the burden of liver and other detoxification organs. Diet pills don't work that well. 3, blind weight loss, will also increase your financial burden, see others use, originally they are not very fat, but also reduce. In fact, girls and women have a little meat to look good. Many men, elders like a little fat girls, too thin, people say, like picky food, you see thin. We use food to lose weight, that is, our three meals a day, eat a good figure. The best way is: 1, eat more grains, grains are rich in dietary fiber, but also can treat constipation; 2, breakfast to eat well, there is a saying: eat well in the morning, eat full at noon, eat less at night. Eat like an emperor in the morning, like a minister at noon, and like a beggar at night. 3, eat more fruit, fruit ranking with weight loss effect: apples, cucumbers, bananas; Food: yogurt, peppers, potatoes.