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How to cut a pair of bamboo leaf peach pattern with colored paper

2018-04-24 06:24:24

Children's manual enlightenment a beautiful and beautiful bamboo peach pattern pattern how to cut it with colored paper cutting method is simple and easy to understand the material needed for a square colored paper first fold it according to the basic folding method of the five-pointed star and then fold the excess colored paper above and then start to draw a simple bamboo peach pattern pattern in the middle Just edit it and cut it out


A square of red colored paper


Drawing pencil and eraser


A pair of craft scissors


The first step is to take a 16 cm X16 cm square of red colored paper and fold it diagonally from bottom to top and then diagonally from right to left


Step two Fold it from right to left and then take it off and then fold the top corner down in half and take it off and take the bottom left corner and fold it over to the cross crease


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Step 4 After folding, fold the sharp part of the left corner to the back to adjust it into five equal parts and fold off the excess colored paper


Step 5 After folding the crease, pick up the drawing pencil and draw the bamboo leaf peach pattern and the double thread inside, etc


After the sixth step has been drawn, use a drawing pencil to paint the parts that need to be cut out again, and then pick up the scissors to cut the extra colored paper around


Step 7 Cut the extra colored paper on the outside, then cut the details inside, the hollow part and other painted places. After all the cuts, unfold it and flatten it. A beautiful bamboo peach pattern pattern is cut and finished