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How to add mosaics?

2018-04-23 08:00:55

How to add Mosaic, I believe that a lot of friends will be interested in this or the need of small partners come to learn it!


If you see this video footage, to the character Mosaic first drag the video footage to the video track, click on the effects library to find the left here advanced tools, click on you can find that there are many advanced effects tools provided here.


Then find the face change effect, select and drag it onto the video footage, so that the face on the video is instantly mosaicked. It can be found that the Mosaic will automatically track the movement of the character's face, and automatically block the face. It is emphasized here that if you want to perfect the Mosaic of the face video, the features of the character must be clear.


For example, the video of the side face of the person is not recognized, if you feel that the Mosaic is not enough personality to block the face, then you can also change the style of the Mosaic, double-click the video material.


You can find some more face-changing effects in the movie properties, add mosaics by default, and provide many cartoon avatars here.


Just double-click the desired cartoon avatar, select a different cartoon avatar to hide the character's face, and click to preview the video.


How to add a Mosaic to the GOG watermark on the video screen, again just need to find the Mosaic effect in the advanced tool in the effects library, select and drag to the video footage.


A Mosaic will be added to the video screen in the preview window. Click Add Mosaic, you can move it anywhere, drag the edges of the Mosaic.


You can change its size and shape, you can also adjust the added mosaics, also double-click the video footage, you can find in the movie properties of the special effects, another Mosaic.


Click the type drop-down box, here provides a variety of Mosaic types, you can arbitrarily change the different types, below here is the mediation blur amount. Drag the slider to change the blur of the Mosaic, you can also adjust its transparency, after the mediation click to confirm it, click preview.


There are multiple watermarks in the video, it does not matter how the number of mosaics can be added according to their own needs, and in addition to the method just added, you can also drag the Mosaic effect to a separate video track, adding a separate adjustment layer is very convenient.