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How long will lemon honey passion fruit last? How long to marinate passion fruit honey?

2018-04-02 06:24:29

Lemon, honey, passion fruit are all very delicious, and they can be combined, lemon honey passion fruit is a lot of people love to drink, it is convenient to make at home, but lemon honey passion fruit can be stored for how long?


The storage time of lemon honey passion fruit at room temperature is relatively short, about 1 week, although honey contains acidic substances and high concentration of sugar substances, which has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, and the storage time is long, but when honey is mixed with lemon and passion fruit, the water contained in them is absorbed, and the concentration is diluted, so the bactericidal ability is reduced, and the storage time is shortened. With homemade lemon honey passion fruit without any additives, naturally can not be stored for a long time.


So it is best to put lemon honey passion fruit in the refrigerator cold room, low temperature can inhibit bacterial growth, constant temperature environment is conducive to food preservation, can also maintain the taste and freshness of lemon honey passion fruit, lemon honey passion fruit in the refrigerator cold room can be stored for about 1 month, but even so, it is necessary to eat as soon as possible within the shelf time, With the increase of storage time, the nutrients of lemon honey passion fruit will continue to be lost.


And if it is brewed good lemon honey passion fruit water is best to drink the same day, especially in summer, bacteria and microorganisms are more active, placed for a long time will breed a lot of bacteria, not conducive to health, but fresh lemon honey passion fruit water is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant substances, is a good choice for beauty, summer to a cup is refreshing and refreshing. It is one of the drinks you must not miss.