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How do you read music?

2018-04-07 14:24:53

Surely you will have such a question, in the end how to read music? Let Xiaobian teach you to read music. I hope you like it and I can help you.


Music score


First look at the basic elements of musical symbols to know how they make interaction. The notes are written on the staff, across the page.


The spectral line is between two axes: up and down and left and right. The upper and lower axis tells the player the pitch or which note to play. The left and right symbols tell the player the rhythm of the note or when to play it.


According to Western tradition, pitches are named after the first seven letters. A,B,C,D,E,F,G. and so on.


The two lines and the space between each line represent a pitch, and the note is placed in space, and the higher the note is in space, the higher the note is.


The clef is placed at the beginning of the musical score as a reference line, if we want to play notes that are not on the staff, we can add lines, and the added notes are written on the line, but there are too many lines so we change to the clef, as shown below:


As for when to play these notes, there needs to be a beat and rhythm. The beat of the music is equal in length, and the music is divided into small segments of the same length. The rhythm added to the notes is the beginning of real music. The quarter note is the basic rhythmic unit. Worth a beat; Half note, worth two beats; Full note, worth three beats. Eighth notes, worth half a beat.


There is a number in the upper right corner of the clef that tells the player how many beats there are in each measure, and a number in the lower right tells us what note. Will be used as the base unit for this beat. 1 corresponds to a whole note, 2 corresponds to a half note, 4 corresponds to a quarter note, and 8 corresponds to a 1/8 note. So take the time to read the notes and you could be the next Beethoven.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to the beat and rhythm of each bar