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How do you love someone

2018-04-02 17:36:31

Love is great, love is fragile, the value of love is inestimable, the meaning of love is precious, meeting the right person at the right time is happiness, meeting the wrong person at the wrong time is sad. There are many meanings of love, love between friends, love between lovers, love between teachers and students, love between relatives, love between strangers, love between colleagues. Love is not necessarily to have, perhaps the love of leaving, the love of guarding, the love of caring, is the happiest in the heart, although the love does not belong to each other, but to see each other is good, I am also very happy. How many people are we going to miss in our life, how many people are we going to meet, how many scum are we going to meet, life is so short, don't live in the shadow of the fall for the immediate failure.






1, on the first day of work, I met a heart of a girl, I do not know how to express my heart to say, that day I have no appetite, she saw I did not eat to go to the canteen for me to eat. I am very happy in my heart, although she is not a post, after all, are strangers, since she is so good to me, I can't imagine.


2, off work, she did not take an umbrella, has been waiting at the bus stop, I just and she is all the way, to the terminal, I took the umbrella to her, she said that I! I said I live not far, in fact, I live there is a long way, I walked home in the rain, when I got home, my whole body was wet, and the result was sick. By the next day she asked me why I was sick, and I told her that I had come home last night and taken a cold shower, though with her only as a colleague, and that I should have felt what I was going to do.


3, in the winter, I went out to play with her friends, her friends do not know me, the first time to see me, her friends said to her; Your boyfriend? She did not answer anything, acquiesced, how happy I was at that time. Girls love beauty, she only wore thin clothes, I saw, put my coat on her, attracted everyone's teasing sound, as a man, meet the person you like to take care of her, care about her.


4, after my efforts I caught her, relaxed in my heart, but it does not mean that she is mine, I have to work hard, when she is sick, even if I go to work, eat a few bites when eating, go outside to buy nutritious food to take to her residence. When the meal is ready, I want to see her take the cold medicine, I can rest assured, I put the fruit on the table in her bed when I leave, and the water level she is ready, I go to work.


5, she always think of her ex-boyfriend, I will not be angry, I will quietly accompany her, she wants to cry let her cry, I will wipe her tears, cry tired, my shoulder will give her to rely on. Look at her like that actually I feel bad, very distressed, if I go to care about her memories of the ex-boyfriend, then I will only give her pressure, I want to use my way to replace her in the heart of the position, since I choose her, I have to believe her, take care of her.


6, slowly she depends on me, I think love a person to take care of her carefully, she gave all to me, I have to be responsible for her, responsible for her is also responsible for my own. Love is not to get a person, love is long, love is precious, love is warm, if I because of a little thing and her trouble, I will only lose my most precious her.

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