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How do I download songs with lyrics

2018-04-01 11:12:04

Songs and lyrics, like a pair of good sisters, songs with lyrics, harmony.



How to download songs with lyrics:

First of all, to distinguish what is the meaning of the song with lyrics, is the meaning of the lyrics follow the song, the two are not real-time, if real-time, it is the MV. Then, we know that the lyrics and the song are two parts.


In order to download songs with lyrics, you need to install relevant software, say music.


Open "Music", which is the screen below. We can see below "Music, Music your life" where the lyrics are displayed.


The lyric display needs to be turned on, but the lyric display may have been automatically matched during the listening process and not downloaded to the computer. If you want to download a song with lyrics, you still need to set it up.


To set the music, first, find the "Main Menu - Settings" button in the upper right corner of the music.


Then you can adjust the "Download Settings" on the main board of music Settings, in the "download song - also download lyrics" in front of the "√" to complete the download with lyrics. Don't forget to click the "OK" button after setting it.


After that, we don't have to worry about downloading the song without downloading the lyrics. Even if the network is off, you can listen to the song while watching the lyrics, try it, did it fall So Good?

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