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Five easy tips for removing blackheads

2018-04-23 12:48:47

If you want to keep the exquisite nose at all times, you must choke the budding blackheads in the cradle. There are many methods and theories circulating on the Internet to deal with blackheads. But these skin care methods are correct, you know, incorrect skin care methods, will make your strawberry nose more serious oh!


The information illegally crawled from experience


Formula method: Hong Kong and Taiwan beauty like to use a gel or lotion containing 10% ~ 15% fruit acid as a sleep mask, applied to the nose before going to bed, slowly dissolve the blackhead. Dissolve works, but do not DIY fruit acid. Fruit acid, salicylic acid can dissolve grease, clean dirt, this method is feasible to remove blackheads, the effect may be slower. There is no need to worry that fruit acid will cause skin discomfort, because the sebum layer of the nose that loves oil is thicker and the "tolerance" is high. The concentration of fruit acid must be below 15%, it is best not to DIY fruit acid gel.


Treasure three: Washing formula method: Blackhead mask, green mud, Queen Helen...... These are the blackheaded stars of the forum. Use the mask to clean the deep pores, wash off after applying, you can wash out a clean nose! Cleansing mask treats symptoms and causes, even for dry skin. Blackheads, acne itself is horny, cleaning mask can destroy its structure. Ingredients such as soil can draw out oil from deep pores, treating both symptoms and root causes, and this way is also safe. People with dry skin do not have to refuse to use the cleansing mask only around the nose.


Treasure four: Tear word formula method: nose patch or tear mask and so on tear out the blackhead! Slight pain in exchange for a pleasant clean, sometimes even tear off the blackhead can see it, unique sense of accomplishment. There is also MM like squeezing to blackheads need to pay attention to, squeezing to blackheads makes people very happy, a hard oil granules burst out very happy, but not crowded well will be inflamed, or leave red marks. Generally, blackheads are squeezed with acne needles to break the skin and then squeeze, in order to make the oil particles easy to come out, in fact, you can also pass the first exfoliation, and then the method of applying flower water to make the pores smooth after the keratin becomes soft, you can gently squeeze out the blackhead, and some small blackheads will float out by themselves.


Treasure code five: Extraction method: to plant pure dew or essential oil products to let the blackhead automatically float out, and then use small tweezers to pull the blackhead out. Not very good for people with small blackheads. Essential oil products have small molecules, high permeability, coupled with low sensitivity and low stimulation of natural ingredients, as a choice for softening keratin, it is the best. But if you want to deal with stubborn blackheads, the choice of essential oil products is very important, do not blindly follow the trend.