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Endocrine disorders become fat how to lose weight

2018-04-24 16:00:21

Obesity caused by endocrine disorders is mainly caused by lifestyle. A high-fat, high-calorie diet, coupled with an inactive lifestyle, has led to weight imbalance in modern people. Therefore, the most fundamental treatment of obesity caused by endocrine disorders is to regulate the endocrine through scientific diet, appropriate exercise and good habits to restore it to normal. Endocrine disorders become fat how to lose weight 1, to develop good eating habits. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods high in protein. 2, to drink more water, supplement the body needs water. 3, participate in a variety of sports, strengthen physical fitness. 4. Pay attention to rest and get enough sleep. 5. Live scientifically and regularly. Do not often stay up late, so as not to destroy the normal physiological laws, resulting in hormone secretion imbalance or even insufficient, and then lead to other diseases. 6, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits on the diet, eat something light. If it belongs to the deficiency of Qi and blood, you can eat some black rice, jujube, red beans, tremella and other foods that supplement qi and blood. Eat less cold food. 7, eat more food conducive to regulating endocrine: green tea, grapefruit, dandelion, celery, fennel, pumpkin, ginger. 1, eat more soy soy and soy products contain a large number of phytoestrogens, in the prevention of breast cancer plays an important role, especially soy, can change the secretion of hormones in the body. Clinical medical research shows that soy and soy products have the role of balancing estrogen in the body, when the body estrogen is too low, soy or soy products will increase it, but when estrogen is too high, soy or soy products will also reduce it. 2, do more exercise aerobic exercise to improve body energy at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time, after exercise heart rate of 130 aerobic exercise per minute can help health. Don't underestimate this short 30 minutes of exercise, in addition to helping burn calories and lose weight, it can also bring oxygen to all parts of the body, improve the metabolic rate, effectively burn fat, the effect will last for several hours. 3, eat less fast food, away from toxins fast food to women is the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases and reproductive system tumors. Eating too much saturated fat stimulates the overproduction of estrogen, and steroids in fat can be converted into estrogen in the body and contribute to the formation of breast cancer cells. Excessive intake of artificial hormones, excessive toxins in the body, will also cause endocrine disorders. Therefore, don't be afraid of trouble and cook more by yourself. 4, try not to stay up late, to ensure adequate sleep lack of sleep will lead to metabolic disorders. People who often stay up late or have irregular schedules will not only age particularly fast, but their health will also be seriously damaged, so try not to stay up late if you can. People who sleep four hours or less a night have problems with the body's metabolism in processing carbohydrates. 5, anytime, anywhere do a massage whether lymph fluid and blood circulation in the body is smooth, will affect the body for waste, toxins and other substances discharge speed. Correct massage techniques can maintain the smooth circulation of blood, accelerate metabolism, and smoothly deal with waste in the body.