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Endocrine disorder how to do!

2018-04-24 14:24:52

1, daily work and rest on time to ensure adequate sleep every day. Do not often stay up late, so as not to destroy the normal physiological laws, resulting in hormone secretion imbalance or even insufficient, and then lead to other diseases. 2, detoxification conditioning pay attention to keep stool, urine, sweat glands unobstructed, so that all waste and toxins produced by the body have unobstructed excretion channels. Pay attention to the timely supplement of water, pay attention to the prevention and treatment of constipation and other symptoms. 3, food conditioning food should be more variety and change, with reasonable, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy and irritating food, cooking oil to vegetable oil, animal oil as a supplement, in order to obtain more unsaturated fatty acids, so as to regulate endocrine disorders. 4, mental conditioning to maintain a happy, optimistic mood, to maintain the state of mind is more helpful to regulate endocrine. In daily life, learn to overcome anxiety, tension and other bad emotions, strive to improve self-control ability, try to avoid panic, anger, fear and other bad mental stimulation. 5, sports conditioning exercise at least 30 minutes a day, until your body is some heat, a little sweat can be. In addition to helping burn calories and lose weight, a moderate amount of exercise can also bring oxygen to all parts of the body, improve metabolic rate, and effectively burn fat. 6, drug conditioning must go to the doctor if necessary, under the guidance of the doctor to take drugs to regulate the body. The disease is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, according to each person's physical condition and cause of dialectical treatment, according to the solid, deficiency, Yin, Yang, qi, blood and other aspects of effective conditioning. If necessary, Western surgical intervention is also required. 7, sex conditioning research shows that breast lobular hyperplasia, melasma and many other endocrine disorders, and long-term celibacy, marital life is not harmonious, or husband and wife life too little has an important relationship, so, to maintain family harmony, marital life harmony, to maintain women's physical and mental health, delay ovarian decline, regulate endocrine disorders are of great significance.