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Auto insurance report settlement process

2018-04-06 06:24:21

There's no need to rush off the road. Take these steps. You're also a claims adjuster.


Auto accidents can be divided into two categories. 1. Pure vehicle damage cases. 2. Human injury cases we are mainly talking about "car damage cases" here.


Call the police. After the accident, the first time to see if there is no injury involved, no injury can be identified as a car damage case. The first time should call the insurance report to settle the claim.


Accident investigation. The surveyor will investigate the accident for you, confirm the accident insurance liability, loss and cost, and recommend the loss repair plan


Confirm the damage repair plan. Selection of repair methods for damaged property, including vehicle maintenance options; Customers who meet the conditions of quick claim can take the fast claim channel


Fix the car. For vehicle maintenance, it is recommended to choose the repair recommended by insurance, which is of high quality, convenient and guaranteed


This page is based on experience


Collect the compensation. The case was closed after the claims were reviewed. The claim will be paid to you and the claim will be settled. Car owners who meet certain conditions can enjoy instant payment.


Insurance closed.

Matters needing attention

In case of emergency, we need to keep the first scene.