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4 days free travel guide

2018-03-31 08:00:11

DAY1 - North airport to Caojiapu airport, and then take the bus to the city has been 10 o 'clock in the evening, the first glance, very beautiful, clean streets, bright good. Muslim characteristics are obvious, many wearing scarves, small hats of the citizens. There are beef and mutton restaurants everywhere, ramen, noodles, cordyceps shops and so on. Although I have seen a lot of travel guides before coming, I still see it with my own eyes. According to the recommendation of the travel guide we saw on the Internet, we booked the prosperous international meal (), located in the city's bustling area, near the intersection of the city's four main roads, the traffic is very convenient. Around the fan is Wangfujing, Grand Cross department store, as well as the local very distinctive commercial pedestrian street Shuijing Lane and the famous snack street Mojia Road, in addition, there are banks, post offices, departments and other service institutions near the fan. The modern three-dimensional design of the rice has become a landmark building in the business circle, the ideal Angle design of the room and the floor-to-ceiling Windows in the room can see the gorgeous night view. In general, early is good, live well, the location is superior, and the price is very high. DAY2 Tower Temple Jade Emperor Pavilion Ancient building group of strange stone garden by the Yellow River, Tower Temple is located in a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides, the front of the case mountain stands tall. In the sun, clouds linger, and the temple glows with gold. It is said that there are 14 living Buddhas and 800 lamas in the temple. Is a majestic, solemn, mysterious, beautiful temple. People can not help but praise and marvel at the broad and profound Tibetan culture. For thousands of years, those wise people who have crossed the vast snowy mountains and walked the long road have spread the wisdom and compassion of Buddhism to the snowy plateau. The power of faith, courage and kindness will be passed on forever. There, the golden tile hall, the ancient bodhi tree, and the eighteen Arhats stacked with embroidery, are pure and quiet, and nothing disturbs them. Many devout and diligent disciples are bowing with all their heart and soul to one hundred thousand great obeisance. Faith is the most powerful and precious force in the world. The Jade Emperor Pavilion is a small group of ancient buildings with virtue as the most valuable. Blue sky, Gobi, snowy mountains, Yellow River... A northern landscape of the plateau. There are scenic spots in the county temple and Jade Emperor Pavilion, worship Confucius statue, Jade Emperor and so on. Green brick pavilion, quiet courtyard, especially kind. As early as ancient times, culture has been rooted in the northwest. Qishi Garden is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the water is gentle, the trees are lush, the fields are criss-crossing, known as the town of small river melons and fruits. Clear blue Yellow River water, strange and majestic yellow soil mountains, white shining snow mountains, beautiful golden poplar forest. Close to the yellow land, holding the Yellow River, this is the feeling of the Chinese people! The gentle and clear Yellow River water beside the Yellow River, the colorful Yellow River stone, the hundred-year-old trees full of fruits, the golden poplar forest, and the pure and undyed blue sky. This is the pear, small. Colorful peak cluster La Hai green sayings: the world, the world Shang Li, the virtue of the immortal. Soil is the most precious species in the world -- when you give gifts, you give soil. Soil vein stretching roots in the ground, people for the source of eternal love. Human beings like to worship heaven, in fact, heaven is beneath our feet. Danxia landform, colorful peak cluster. Nature is mighty, nature is miraculous. La Haiqing said: Without soil, man will not exist; In the loess can touch our soul; Man comes from earth and returns to earth. Beautiful Yellow River, spectacular plateau. China's profound and profound culture is rooted in this boundless yellow land. DAY3 Sun and Moon Mountain · Daotang River Lake Sun and Moon Mountain · Daotang River starts from there and heads upward along the Yellow River. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with its magnificent weather, mountains, valleys and ravines, is vast and uninhabited. The road is long and the mountains are endless. One's eyes are stretched wide and one's mind is open. Into the world, forget yourself. Riyue Mountain, Daotang River, Tang Fan Ancient Road. The long road is far away and the future is boundless. It is along this line that the princess entered Tibet, achieving the magnificent epic of Sino-Tibetan integrated transportation. Countless legends along the way are still remembering and praising this glorious woman and real beauty. Lake lake surrounded by mountains, snow peaks sparkling, blue sky water more blue. Yang Jing dazzling eyes, pure without dye. Rapeseed flowers spread all over the lake, yaks and sheep spread all over the mountains. On the small island in the lake, there is silence except for the sound of the wind and birds. Bright scenery, let people at a loss. Vicissitudes, billions of geological changes, creating this charming plateau sapphire, beautiful as a dream. And anyone is just passing through. DAY4 Dongguan Mosque Ma Bufang Mansion modern civilization to achieve unity, the heart of the city, more and more similar, high-rise buildings, bustling squares, crowds surging. Cultural identity and individuality gradually faded away. Personally, the most boring part of travel is the heart. Natural scenery, cultural monuments, historical sites, famous people's places, these are the most accessible places. But ramen, stewed noodles, fried noodles, stuffed skin, pot stickers, sliced noodles soup, sliced noodles, fried noodles... This pasta is easy to eat. Favorite millet porridge. Especially Shuijing Lane, 71st Street. The famous Dongguan Mosque is said to be the mosque with the largest number of worshippers, up to 120,000 a day. Whether inside or outside the room or in the courtyard corridor, there were fine blankets of various colors all over the floor, and Muslims wearing small white hats were everywhere, chanting, meditating, talking, and walking. It was spectacular. Sigh again the power of faith ah! Ma Bufang Residence Ma Bufang Residence: Ji Yun, Li Hongzhang, old Jiang's ink is good, is Ma's grandfather Xin Chu year guard Cixi, in the chaos of war to steal. This great northwest, Ma family mansion, was Peng Dehuai, Wang Zhen led the northwest field Army. The horse house became the seat of the people. Soon, construction began on the new. It took four years to build the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, and like the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, every time I think of it, I am deeply moved. Flying back from Caojiapu Airport in the afternoon, the great beauty, the divine power of nature, the footprints of ancient people, and the depth of Tibetan culture are all amazing and nostalgic. People should learn from nature, learn from the ancients, far-reaching and endless, self-improvement. Read a lot of travel guides on the Internet, but always can not understand the mood of the travelers, after coming, only really feel the charm of great beauty. This travel guide to a friend who wants to go for a reference, have time to go for a walk!